Practical information

Cloakroom and lockers

Depending on the type of event, Forest National will provide a cloakroom and/or lockers for the storage of jackets, helmets or other personal belongings.


The cloakroom is located next to the bar in the green zone.
The price is 2 euros for each piece of clothing.


The lockers are located at the end of the hallway in the orange and green zones and across from the bar in the grey zone.

A locker fits multiple coats, a helmet or other personal belongings.

A locker costs 5 euros, and an additional 5 euros as a deposit for the key. The deposit will be returned to you when you return the key.
Tip! Take a picture of your locker key or cloakroom number.

The cloakroom and/or the lockers are available from the opening of the doors until the start of the event. They will reopen ten minutes before the end of the show.


Portable power banks

You can rent a Naki Power portable power bank at multiple spots in Forest National. No more need to worry about your phone battery running out. You only pay for what you use.

Opening of the doors

Information on timings can be found on the event page a few days before the event. The doors usually open one and a half hours before the start of the event. From then on you can have a snack and a drink at the bars.

Access to the venue

  • Always offer your own ticket at the entrance and not someone else's to make scanning go smoothly and avoid waiting times at the door.

  • Do you save your tickets on your phone? Make sure the brightness is set to maximum and there are no cracks in your screen, so your ticket is clearly visible.

  • Do not bring any luggage, (large) handbags or (back)packs and respond correctly to any requests from security.
    Bags may not be larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (A4 format).

  • It is forbidden to enter the venue with bottles, cans, alcohol, sound recorders, film and photo cameras, fireworks and objects that may pose a safety hazard. Entering the venue implies consent to a possible search.

  • Photographing and filming during the event is prohibited, unless otherwise determined by the organizer. Smartphones are tolerated unless otherwise specified.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue.

  • Pets are not allowed. Blind and visually impaired people can bring a guide dog. 
    Please contact us in advance if this applies to you.

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