Food and beverages

Enjoy some delicious food and tasty beverages at Forest National or in the establishments in the vicinity. At Forest National you pay 100% cashless.

Food and drink stands

You can order snacks and drinks at one of the many food and drink stands in the foyer.

Food and beverages

Self service

Get a quick soft drink at one of the many vending machines.

In front of the venue

Ordering snacks and drinks is also possible at one of the many food and drink stands in front of Forest National.

Bacardi Bar

The Bacardi Bar is located on the ground floor in the green area.
There you can order Mojito, Berry Mojito, Rum Punch, Passion Fruit Mix and Martini Bellini.

Bacardi Bar

Restaurants and bars in the vicinity

The establishments in the vicinity of the venue will be happy to welcome you, before and after an event.

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