On foot, by bike or by scooter

On foot

Do you live or work within walking distance? Then the easiest way to reach Forest National is on foot. No traffic jams, no parking problems!

By bike

Forest National has a parking space for bikes. It is located to the left of the main entrance, in front of the ticket office.

Bicycle parking

With a shared bike

Don't have your own bike? Use a shared bike to go to Forest National. There are several options:


Villo uses fixed stations where you can borrow and return bikes. There are two Villo stations within walking distance of Forest National:

  • 235 - Forest National/Vorst National (100 meters from Forest National)

  • 229 - Zaman Forest National/Zaman Forest National (400 meters from Forest National)

On the website and the app of Villo (available for download via the App Store or Play Store) you can check the exact location of the stations and how many bikes are available.


At train station Bruxelles-Midi you can borrow a Blue-bike. You must return the bike within 24 hours to the same place you picked it up. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.


Dott offers electric bikes so you can arrive at your destination without a drop of sweat. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.


The Bolt electric bikes are available everywhere in the city. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.


You can also easily reach your destination with the TIER electric bikes. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.


With a shared scooter

With an electric shared scooter you can get to Forest National quickly and easily. These scooters all work according to the same principle: you can borrow and leave them anywhere. Unlocking and returning them is done via the app.

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