Fri 28.11.2025

Matthew, Romain, and Ziggy from the band Puggy have something to celebrate: their new EP 'Radio Kitchen' is out! Now, they gladly exchange the kitchen for the stage. See you at Forest National!

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An Englishman, a Frenchman, and a Swede meet in Belgium. No, it's not the beginning of a lame joke, but the start of the pop group Puggy. The band was formed in 2005 and quickly became hugely popular in Wallonia and France. After a six-year hiatus, they are finally back, better than ever. They celebrate their triumphant return with a spectacular concert at Forest National.

Fri 28.11.2025Timing to follow


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Fri 28.11.2025 20:00

The be•at VIP Experience - Tribunes

Complete package with parking, reception in a decorated VIP area, catered and full meal, open bar and a nice seat in the concert hall. Aftershow with drinks for 2 hours.

The be•at VIP Experience - Tribunes

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