Jeff Panacloc


Sat 20.04.2024

Go on an adventure with Jeff Panacloc. This journey contains a lot of humour, surrounded by a musical universe and a tailor-made set.

STIB and SNCB codes

Climb into the gondola and let yourself be carried away on a great journey. For this new show, Jeff Panacloc invites you to embark on his new attraction with undisguised emotion. Welcome to the Jeff Panacloc Adventure!

Fasten your safety harness and let yourself be guided by Jeff, Jean-Marc and their new friends, each more degenerate than the last. Surrounded by a musical universe and a tailor-made set, Jeff delivers a formidable performance with the kind of no-holds-barred, no-compromise humor that only he can deliver. Jeff and Jean-Marc can't wait to see you again. When you want something badly, you always end up getting it.

Sat 20.04.2024Timing to follow


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