Visitors with specific needs


If you need extra assistance or are a wheelchair user, please come to the venue at least 40 minutes before the start of the event. That way we can help you the best way possible.

We strive to welcome visitors with specific needs as best we can and to let you enjoy a concert or show in the best conditions. 

Seats are provided in the venue for wheelchair users and their companions. Reserve your seats by phone or contact us via the contact form.

About your place

The separate entrance for wheelchair users is located on the left side of the main entrance. A ramp provides easy access to the venue. A visitor with reduced mobility can only be accompanied by one person. The medical team will be happy to assist you to your places.

For safety reasons it is not possible to provide places for wheelchair users on the central square.

Two adapted toilets are available for wheelchair users. These two toilets are exclusively intended for wheelchair users and are locked. To access the toilets, please ask for the key from the medical team at the entrance for wheelchair users.

Forest National reserves the right to allocate seats for wheelchair users or to refuse them if the safety of wheelchair users or other visitors is endangered.

Blind and visually impaired persons

If you would like to attend an event with a guide dog for the blind, please contact us.

Parking for holders of an EU parking card for people with disabilities

On the public road near the venue at Avenue Victor Rousseau 208 (to the left of the building) there are parking spaces for holders of an EU parking card for people with disabilities.

The entry to the venue for wheelchair users is located to the left of the main entrance. A steward will check your ticket and the medical team will accompany you to your place in the venue.

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