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Sigur Rós on the 1st of October

Monday 30 January 2017 - 10:10

Sigur Rós will be touring Europe this autumn. This month-long run will be the first time the band have toured Europe without a support act, offering instead an extended evening of two sets separated by an intermission. Pulling from their extensive back catalogue, the now three-piece will play many of their best-loved songs, as well as new and unreleased material, currently being written towards a forthcoming eighth studio album. The live production is promised to be as characteristically stunning as ever, being designed once again by the team behind their previous Knights Of Illumination award-winning tours. Tickets will be on sale on Friday, 3 February at 9 am.


Sigur Rós An Evening with Sigur Rós

Forest National

Sun 01.10.2017