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Bonobo Migration Live Tour 2017

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Support: Nick Hakim

Simon Green aka Bonobo is on a roll in 2017! After the release of his widely acclaimed new album, he baffled a completely sold out Ancienne Belgique in Brussels and confirmed his presence at Rock Werchter 2017. Meanwhile, the British artist revealed even more good news, as he added a third Belgian show date to his touring schedule! A must-see on Wednesday 15 November at the Forest National in Brussels.

Since his first track ‘Terrapin’ appeared out of thin air in 1999, Simon Green’s career underwent a steady and well-thought-out metamorphosis. His instrumental albums ‘Animal Magic’ and ‘Dial ‘M’ For N-Monkey’ show his passion for deejaying on the verge of dancefloor and drum & bass. With ‘Days To Come’ (2006), he explores a new side of his personality with the addition of vocal sounds. Bullseye! The musical wealth on this record only amplifies his international reputation. His ever growing credibility combined with delirious live shows make him an established name, a well-respected artist and the jewel in Ninja Tune’s crown. Follow-up albums ‘Black Sands’ and ‘The North Borders’ – featuring the fantastic single ‘Cirrus’ – confirm his image of an iconic and ever innovatory musician.

His sixth studio album ‘Migration’ expresses the same level of freshness and boldness, and is universally praised thanks to hard hitting tracks like ‘Kerala’ (counting over 3 million views on YouTube) and ‘No Reason’ featuring Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker).

Tickets: 35 euros.


Wed 15.11.2017

Doors - to be announced
Start - to be announced

Forest National

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